Recognizing Psychosomatic Disorders and How to Treat It

Psychosomatic is a condition or disorder when the mind affects the body, triggering physical complaints. Psychosomatic comes from two words, mind (psyche) and body (soma). Psychosomatic disorders not only occur in adults, but also children. The main cause of psychosomatic disorders in children starts from the attitude and relationship of parents with children. In addition, the lack of understanding of family mental health allows children to experience psychosomatic disorders. Recognizing Psychosomatic Symptoms In general, psychosomatic can be interpreted as a disease or physical complaint caused or exacerbated by the influence of mental factors on a person. Psychosomatic usually starts with psychological problems, such as fear, stress, depression, or anxiety. Mental or psychological factors that trigger the emergence of various physical symptoms, such as: Stomach ache or heartburn Back pain Tooth ache Headaches and migraines Breathe quickly Heart palpitations Trembling (t
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